Congratulations! First successful RT-S100 installation in Dubai hospital



First installation of RT-S100 in Dubai

The first good news of 2023 is coming, Reetoo first RT-S100 automatic sperm quality analyzer has been successfully installed in Iranian Hospital - Dubai, which also means that Reetoo botech has successfully entered into Dubai market.


About Iranian Hospital 

The Iranian Hospital was built on 1970 on a land donated by his Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum to the Iranian Red Crescent Society. The Hospital was opened to public on 14-April-1972 and so it is the first health care provider in Jumeirah region and currently the oldest in Dubai.The hospital can serve over 1200 outpatients daily from more than 182 nationalities in such a smooth and fast process that in a few hours all clinical, laboratory and diagnostic imaging work up until designing final treatment plan concluded for them. 


RT-S100 Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer

Key features: 

✔ Test speed: 20T/H;

✔ Patented sampling cup, no odor release;

✔ Keep operation in 37℃ constant temperature;

✔ Auto switch between 10X and 20X objective lens;

✔ Automatically analyze concentration, motility and CASA;


About Reetoo Biotech

Reetoo biotech, a leading company for AI-Driven IVD equipment, focuses on the deep integration of artificial intelligence and medical diagnosis and has established AI medical testing innovation center, so as to provide global users with innovative diagnostic products with excellent performance and full scene coverage, leading the medical diagnosis industry from automation to intelligence.Our main products include automatic urine analyzer, hematology analyzer, vaginal secretion analyzer, sperm quality analyzer, etc.

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